Jack Daniels Old No7 American Whiskey

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Jack Daniel's is the best selling American Whiskey in Cyprus. The 50cl bottle is an ideal size for a gift.
Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey No.7 is made at the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, using pure cave spring water and a unique mellowing process perfected by Jack Daniel in 1866. This undergoes a filtration to mellow the whiskey drop by drop through ten feet of sugar maple charcoal (known as the Lincoln County Process). The reason behind this is the distinct smoothness it generates making it a whiskey not bourbon. It refines the whiskey’s rich flavour before it has even had a chance to mature in their custom made barrels. To make the barrels they use white oaks for the barrel staves and char the inside to caramelise the wood with its own natural sugar. It is from this that the whiskey gets its amber colour, distinct flavour and finish.
The water used is from a cave near the distillery that flows all year round at a rate of 800 gallons per minute at a constant temperature and is virtually iron free. It has a sweet taste with a hint of dry spice and oily nuts, perfect to drink neat or to add to cocktails. No.7 has won countless awards since 1904, this was his first competition where he won a gold medal for the worlds best whiskey.
Aged four to six years, the distinctive pungent nose and powerful flavour of Jack Daniel's have made it a favourite around the world; and although some find it too assertive, there can be no denying its quality. Mr.Daniel's promise that 'Every day we make it, we'll make it the best we can' is perpetuated to this day with an almost religious devotion.
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